Tooth In An Hour

Teeth In An Hour is a revolutionary technique that merges the time-tested technique of the Nobel Biocare Implant System with modern computer technology. It allows us to place implants with the highest degree of safety and precision and to immediately deliver a fixed bridge in approximately one hour! Almost all of the diagnostic planning that previously was done during a series of in office appointments with the patient can now be accomplished with the aid of a specialized computer program. The following lists the steps involved:

Initial Examination

The patient undergoes a thorough clinical examination. Treatment options are discussed. Diagnostic records are taken based on your existing dental condition.

Treatment Plan

A printed treatment plan is presented detailing fees and treatment sequencing.

Smile Evaluation

Your existing teeth are evaluated for fit, esthetics, phonetics, facial support, and function. New dentures may be required if your existing one is lacking in any of the areas mentioned. Whichever teeth are chosen will be the template for your new smile.

Scanning Procedure

We make a duplicate scanning denture from your existing denture, or the new one we fabricate for you.

iCAT CT Scan

A CT scan of the patient's jaw wearing the scanning denture is completed using a low-radiation iCAT machine. A second scan is performed using the denture alone.

Data Conversion

Digital files from the iCAT scans are reformatted using the Nobel Biocare Procera System software, The software converts the data into a three-dimensional image of the jaw and denture.

Virtual Surgery

The surgeon/restorative dentist team up to perform a virtual surgery on the 3D image. The file from this virtual surgery is then transmitted through the Internet for fabrication of the surgical guide.


At a robotics facility, the data files containing the surgical plan are used to three-dimensionally reconstruct the patient's jaws. A special surgical guide is then constructed to assist the surgeon with implant placement. The guide and all necessary surgical components are carefully packaged and shipped back to our office.

Fabrication Of Teeth

Using the surgical guide and the models of the jaws, the final set of teeth are fabricated in the laboratory.

Final Inspection

Upon completion of the laboratory work, the surgeon/restorative dentist examines the shape and size of the teeth and checks the components for accuracy before scheduling the patient for the actual surgery.

Teeth In An Hour

The implants and teeth are surgically placed with the aid of the computer-generated materials, usually with only local anesthesia. The surgical procedure requires no incision, no sutures, and little post-operative swelling or discomfort. The Teeth In An Hour surgery and your new cosmetically pleasing smile usually takes approximately sixty minutes to complete.

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