Dental World Testimonials

Patient Name : NICOLE BRONEL
Country : CANADA

I am very pleased with the outcome of my cosmetic procedures. My 6 porcelain reversed have given me a perfect smile that is very suited to my face and my natural looking. I was very impressed with Dental World’s prompt service since I was only able to stay in Kolkata for a short time. They listened to my concerns and answered my questions quite knowledgably so that I felt comfortable with my decision. The facilities were very nice, and reminded me of dental clinics in Canada. The doctors expressed a sincere concern for improving my smile and assuring my satisfaction with my new appearance. Every effort was taken to ensure quality, which I greatly appreciated. Good work and thank you, I love my new teeth.

Patient Name : MR. JOHN A. HENSTOCK

I have just had a major dental overhaul at Dental World in Kolkata. This complex process involved multiple extractions, root canal therapy, fillings & the placement of 6 Dental Implants with the associated bridges / crowns. At all stages I have been impressed with my treatment by the whole professional team at Dental world. The team was led by the very competent Dr. Kamlesh Kothari who kept me explicity informed of the options and treatment. throughout the whole process I would like to sincerely thank all involved at Dental World and after my recovery restored smile as testimony also I would confidently recommended their services and can be contacted for any further endorsement.

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