State Of The Art Equipment

Our Clinic boasts of the state-of-the-art equipment in dentistry (viz. intra-oral camera, RVG and OPG, implants). With the intra-oral camera you can yourself see and assess your dental condition.

The RVG ensures that the lowest possible radiation is used for the x-rays (1/20th of regular x-ray machines). Instant High Quality image of x-ray ensures accurate diagnostic and quick treatment.

The OPG x-ray gives a comprehensive view of the entire dentition, jaws and joints. This is available in a very few private clinics in India.

All these features ensure comprehensive dental care is under one roof. No more running around to x-ray centres and quick solution for your dental problems.

Whats more , the reports are all generated within minutes so that your dental treatment process can be expedited.The LAN Networked clinic ensures access to your records at any given point during your treatment.

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