Painless Root Canal Treatment

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What is Root Canal Treatment ?

A root canal treatment is a procedure to save a tooth from getting it extracted or removed which is caused by decay or trauma. A tooth consists of outermost layer-enamel, dentin and the innermost layer-pulp. When tooth decay reaches the innermost layer involving or nearby pulp, the tooth needs to go for root canal treatment. Although there are many other reasons to go for root canal treatment such as broken tooth, cracked tooth, tooth with heavy restoration / repeated restoration, & gum diseases in some cases. It is also known as Endodontic procedure and it is done by an Endodontist, who is a specialist in root canal treatment.

Steps involved in RCT

All the decays are removed and an access is made through the tooth to reach the pulp cavity and canals.

Step 01

Removal of infected nerves and blood vessels.

Step 02

Shaping and cleaning the pulp canals and disinfecting it.

Step 03

Canals are disinfected and filled with suitable materials and are sealed with permanent restoration.

Step 04

Sometimes when the infection is more, medication is kept inside of the tooth.

Step 05

Next, the impression is taken for the crown preparation.

Step 06

Lastly, the crown is placed and cemented to the same tooth to protect it from various forces exerted during chewing & to prevent fractures.

Step 07

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it takes multiple sittings to complete. Although, in some relevant cases it can be done in a single sitting depending on the severity of infection.

With the use of advanced state of the art equipment, Dental World has been successful in providing a completely painless Root Canal Treatment.

Saving your tooth through endodontic treatment is less expensive and less

    invasive than an extraction or replacement with bridges & implants.

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