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At Dentkraft, we believe now is the time for the dental laboratory industry to go hi-tech. It is with great pride and honor we present ourselves as a fully CAD/CAM supported dental laboratory. We have been a part of the Dental fraternity for four generations now. This endeavor is our dedicated offering to the Dental fraternity. Dentkraft has a team of highly trained and experienced technicians. We focus on providing best quality service to our valued clients and in turn their patients. It is our mission to ensure that all our products and services are way superior to the existing standards.

Our commitment to continuous education and training of our technicians and staff makes us stay ahead of the technology curve. For the first time in Eastern India, there is a dental laboratory that can boast of the latest CAD/CAM technology from both 3M and Sirona under the same roof.

We provide our customers and partners with digital solutions and high-quality functional and aesthetic restorations indistinguishable from natural dentition. Our centralized manufacturing process create a complete dental restoration in a significantly reduced timeframe as well as produce unparalleled cost effectiveness against the quality we produce.

So, whether you are looking for superior quality with a wide product range or best-in-class technology and state-of-the-art manufacturing process, you need to look no further than Dentkraft.

Dentkraft Zirconia

  • Is milled from an export quality
    (Germany) block of solid yttria-stabilized


  • It is durable. Dentkraft zirconia provides 5 to 5 years warranty.


  • Safe as compared to PFM and the leading lithium disilicate.


  • Zirconia from dent kraft is metal-free.


  • Available in 16 A-D comparable shades.


  • Dentkraft Zirconia can complement patient’s cosmetic shade


  • Unparalleled

Dentkraft Veneer

  • Our Veneer is made by using high quality resin nano ceramic material.


  • Excellent stain resistance & long-lasting


  • Excellent wear resistance.


  • Comes in shades with High & Low translucency levels.

3M™ ESPE LAVA Zirconia

  • Lava is best for all ceramic crowns and bridges.


  • Our artistic skills provide you with the most beautiful restoration.


  • High quality esthetic stability.


  • Authenticity & Certification provided by 3M isvalid Pan India.

Lava Veneer

  • A revolutionary class of dental Veneers made using the 3 M Lava™.


  • Impressive durability of Resin Nano Ceramic.


  • Easy to adjust & re-polish in the operatory.


  • Excellent wear resistance.


  • Excellent stain resistance & long-lasting polish.


  • CAD CAM technology for metal ceramic restorations.


  • Good fit and minimal adjustments.


  • Especially formulated 100% biocompatible alloy.


  • First branded PFM in India.


  • Multiple shade choices following a ceramic system of your choice.


  • Limited 15 Years warranty.

DENT KRAFT PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal Restorations)

  • Best quality results using the most exclusive dental materials.


  • A warranty of 10 years.

DENT KRAFT Full Metal Crowns

  • Cost effective. Abase metal crown is often the least expensive treatment.


  • Metal structure with good physical properties.


  • Highly resistant to corrosion and heat.


  • Made using raw materials from Germany.


  • Crafted with best quality machines including CAD/CAM.


  • Highly biocompatible. Enamel compatibility.


  • Highly resistant to corrosion & heat.


  • Nickel and beryllium free.


  • High durability.

Diagnostic Wax Up

  • A tool used to visualize the results of a prosthetic case prior to implementing the treatment.


  • A tool used to understand patient’s expectation regarding contour, anatomy, length and shape.


  • It is a tool used to create the temporaries in order to give the patient the desired result, especially when you are planning a sm ile makeover.
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