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Oral Medicine is that branch of dentistry that acts as a bridge between medical science and dentistry. It deals with the diagnosis and treatment plan of various Oral and maxillofacial diseases, oral manifestation of systematic diseases, oral diseases causing systematic diseases  and its medical management.

Radiology is an investigation modality which aids in proper Diagnosis & formulating an appropriate treatment plan treating any oral disease.

The various radiographic aids that help in the diagnosis ranges from a mere Intraoral periapical radiograph (IOPAR – RVG) to Panoramic radiograph to the most advanced CBCT. 

Now – a – days CBCT is used in an array of conditions; from endodontic evaluation to Implants to diagnosis of Cysts & Tumors of the maxillofacial region. 

In a time when Cancer is becoming a leading cause of mortality,  Oral Diagnosticians have a humongous responsibility to Diagnose Oral Cancers and also identify patients with harmful life endangering habits, and counsel them for habit cessation and help them take a step towards not just a healthier lifestyle but also a healthier mind. 

Frequently Asked Questions in Oral Medicine & Radiology

While dentists can identify couple of oral problems simply through a physical examination, a lot can be going on inside the teeth or beneath the gum line that can only be seen through x-rays. X-rays provide early warnings for potential problems, even if there is no outwardly indication of a problem.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the radiographic aids used in dentistry have minimal radiation exposure, which is not harmful for the patients.  Patients are also given all the necessary protection such as lead lined apron to protect those portions of the body exposed to the radiation.

Different type of x-rays fulfil different purposes and have different benefits. Bite-wing x-rays show hard to reach bicuspids and molars where cavities are most likely to form. Periapical x-rays show the entire tooth all the way to the roots and panoramic x-rays provide a view of the entire mouth including the upper and lower jaws.

Optimal Patient care has always been the motto of Dental world Superspeciality clinics.We do not compromise when it comes to quality hence we use the best CBCT machine available, Planmeca Promad 3D Classic with Proface. This is not only a non – invasive radiographic modality, but also gives the best image quality for appropriate Diagnosis & Treatment planning.  

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