ITI’s Clinicians Kickstart Program


The international team of implantologists is a non profit organization that has more than 18000 members and fellows from over 100 countries across the world. In the implant dentistry this will lead to a global exchange of expertise and better understanding of a modern and efficient network.

This shall be the provider for a leading global academic of both non-governmental research funding as well as evidence based education in implant dentistry. The stalwarts and the brightest minds in the field of implant dentistry would interact and guide.

There are educational courses which would help you acquire new skills that would enhance the treatment options eventually leading to a greater customer satisfaction. From theory to practical approaches there are tools, products and activities that would suit the needs of your education process. The ITI makes use of a blended learning approach that offers optimal flexibility along with a three level learning pathway. There are a lot of methodology of teaching like the E-learning, Hands on training, Case based collaborative learning, supervised direct patient treatment

Foundation Course

this is the most basic course and it provides the knowledge of broad theoretical basis in the implant dentistry, either in an online format or the physical one on one format.

Intermediate Course

This knowledge builds up the introduction to clinically implement and the hands on experience of treating the patients. This is an onsite available course.

Advanced Course

This is an independent study that is based on case submissions. The Advanced Course provides the best knowledge on dental practices and provides a good scope for future.

This provides opportunity for networking with peers and also discussing the latest approaches of treatment in the implant dentistry. It passes on the knowledge of specialization of small groups that gives more room for more clinical questions and also exchanges the expertise in a very trusted environment. it sets the standards very high and assures quality of the learning. There are almost 700 study clubs all over that run by the practioners for the practioners.

The participants get to be the part of the world’s largest implant dentistry community, there also wonderful opportunities like 2 implants per participants if the patients criteria is a simple case with a good bone density along with height and width. It also provides all the ITI membership with all ITI benefits. It also opens up opportunities to take part in study clubs in Kolkata that are specially conducted by the renowned specialists from all over India. This also provides unlimited access to all the ITI e-content and ITI certification of the participation. The online academy, scientific events and scientific literature, ITI discussion forums and the treatment guide series can all be accessed through this.

The International team of implantology conducts a 4 day course on implants. It conducts the course on surgical module for 2 days and after a long gap of 3 months, another course of . The course is coordinated by the Dr Mohit Kheur (Prosthodontics at M A Rangoonwala Dental College, Pune, &  President of the International Team of Implantologists (ITI) in India ) and Dr. Utsav Butta and Dr Kritika Kanwar Butta. The entire course fee is Rs 49,500 where the surgical module socts for 29,500 and another 20,000 for the prosthetic module. This course fee also includes a very prestigious ITI membership of a year that is worth $300 dollars. The registration will take place on a first come first serve basis.

Surgical Session Course Details

It has lectures to the introduction to implantology with structured assignments that are well supported by the clinical protocols and the management skills required post surgery. It gives you the benefits of hands on techniques training along with the live surgery and surgical sessions.

Prosthetics Session Course Details

This session consists of course details on various topics like the techniques of impression, soft tissue management, abutment selection and application, restorative material and management and the complications and its management of prosthetics. It is complimented with the hands on techniques and training and live clinical sessions.

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