Dental World is the beginning of a new Chapter in the legacy of Kolkata's renowned dentist, Dr. K.K. Butta who has practiced in Kolkata for 50 years.

Dr. K.K. Butta's Dental Clinic was inaugurated by none other than Dr. R. Ahmed (Father of Dentistry in India) in the year 1960. Dr. Butta had travelled extensively and observed the lack of modern diagnostic and treatment facilities in India, especially Kolkata. To overcome this technical handicap Dr. Butta envisioned a dream that would bring International quality dentistry at an affordable price to Kolkata. Hence Dental World was born. Dental World is poised to be South East Asia's premier Dental Super Specialty Centre. At Dental World, the keyword is super-specialty. Our team of dental surgeons and specialist consultants ensure that you are given the best and up to date treatment at affordable cost. We have the most advanced Digital Equipment and Imaging Systems which enables us to take dentistry in Kolkata to a high level.

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