• Zoom Whitening

    Zoom! is a bleaching process that lightens discoloration of enamel and dentin. You may have seen the Zoom! process used by me on ABC’s Extreme Makeover.

    The complete procedure takes less than an hour. The procedure begins with a preparation period followed as little as by 45 minutes of bleaching.

  • Dental Implants

    Dental implants are artificial substitutes for natural tooth roots.

    Today almost every dental implant that is used is made up of surgical-grade titanium alloy to exacting technical and biological specifications. This material is absolutely compatible with the tissues of the body; therefore the body does not reject them.

  • Key hole surgery

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    Key-hole Dental Surgery is the new revolutionary concept where in implants are placed in a span of 10-15 minutes. The new concept is an absolute pairless procedure comfortable both to the patient and the operator.


New dental technology

Keeping the patients well informed is utmost important. At Dental World, the policy is to explain all the available appropriate treatment method for each individual need particular situations. The length of appointments, treatment duration, cost, expected results and patient education brochure is clearly explained to the patient.

Maximum care has been taken to ensure that the usual apprehensions associated with dental treatment is overcome. Consequently, the interiors of the Clinic, staff behaviour and pleasant music are tuned for your comfort and confidence.As the hazards of mercury are being documented across the Globe, we have a policy of mercury-free restoration, in the interests of our patients.

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